Elemental Projects

A project delivery firm with a focus on sustainability

“The encouragement of people to think internationally, to regard the culture of their own country as part of a world culture, to conceive a physical, spiritual and intellectual world heritage, is important in the endeavour to avoid the destruction of humanity”
- The Late justice Lionel Murphy,
in his judgement on the Franklin Dam Case, 1st July, 1982

Work In Progress

Our integrated approach to project delivery means truly unique responses to environmental design challenges.


What we do and how we go about it


What we're investing in and the capabilities we're developing


Architecture meets nature
Caribbean shelter
Shared bathrooms: everyone’s gotta go

Who We Work With

Contact me with any questions or comments. I’m currently availible for freelance work.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is said to be the one of the mot innovative in the world. Learn more about our partnership and plans to bring our values of sustainability and heritage to the next generation.

Studio Y 

Highly accredited and decorated interior design studio, Studio Y, are going from strength to strength. Learn more about our collaborations and how we work together to create an unforgettable spacial experience within our projects.

Mind Lab

Learn more about our collaboration with MInD lab and our venture in technology, innovation and best practises.


ENESS is a multimedia design studio, that meets at the intersection of art and technology. Explore our partnership of engaging experiences below.