Architecture meets nature

As building design goes, nature is the next frontier. More specifically, digital leaf technology is where it’s at. We’re joining the quest to mimic the energy-generating properties of plants to create buildings that harness the sun and are energy-efficient to their core. 


Biomimicry is fundamental to theMPRI project. Like other contemporary, cutting edge projects around the world – the new roof on NotreDame cathedral in Paris, the TaoZhu Yin Yuan residential tower in Taiwan, Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay – theMPRI project looks to nature for its structural composition. Lessons learned from the way plants respond to the environment are integral to the design. 


Fittingly, the MPRI project involves research into plant-based materials for the medicinal cannabis industry and traditional indigenous healing. But the building in which the research takes place is an ambitious project in itself –drawing heavily on nature to harness light, wind and energy. 


Its walls, roof and façade double as energy-producing structures. Cell-like components surround two radial structures, mimicking biology. On the photovoltaic skin, digital ‘leaves’ move with the sun, creating a kinetic façade rather than relying on static panels.  


This digital leaf technology, designed to mimic the biochemical process of photosynthesis, is in research and development stage. Elemental is joining the race to make it a viable part of the design and methodology of future buildings.