December 7, 2021

Footy final fever feeds East Moon

AFL grand final time in Melbourne highlights one of our big inspirations for the East Moon project in East Perth.  

It’s always gratifying to watch the lively scenes as many thousands of pedestrians teem across the William Barak bridge, which successfully links Melbourne city with the 100,000-capacity MCG. We’re on board with the City of Perth’s vision that the architecturally striking Matagarup Bridge will offer the same vital link between Perth and the 60,000 capacity Optus Stadium, supporting the stadium’s car-free policy by carrying a prospective 14,000 pedestrians seamlessly from East Perth to the stadium.

We’re designing East Moon with a view to the broader revitalisation of the East Perth entertainment precinct that underpins the City of Perth’s strategy. As well as contributing to the dynamism of the precinct with an all-hours dining and entertainment venue, East Moon’s proximity to the train line puts it in line with the City’s public transport-friendly remit for the stadium.

As Young and Jackson in Melbourne is an iconic pre-game meeting spot for attendees at the MCG, so East Moon intends to help activate the East Perth precinct by fulfilling pre- and post-event appetites. A well-timed stroll across Matagaraup Bridge will remove the stress of access, contributing to a more seamless and fulfilling experience on event day.

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