Shared bathrooms: everyone’s gotta go

Think bathrooms are just bathrooms? Think again. They’re actually a bit of a litmus test for changing attitudes around gender and inclusion, and Elemental is pleased to be part of that discussion.

Progressive thinking is at the core of our design of the East Moon project in East Perth. Everything from the kinetic façade to the dynamic audio visuals contribute to the dining and entertainment project’s point of difference.

So it follows that shared washrooms should be part of the proposed design. We see a generational change in attitudes to gender shared public spaces. Increasingly it’s considered not only acceptable, but progressive and inclusive, to have gender neutral spaces in public buildings. It means equal access for everybody, including transgender and non-binary people.

Around the world, the issue of gender neutral bathrooms is being addressed – and in some cases mandated – by public institutions and governments. A new law passed in New York City earlier this year has seen the city making provision for gender neutral bathrooms, joining other US cities including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington, DC, West Hollywood and Austin. More than 150 colleges and universities in the USA have also introduced gender neutral bathrooms.

East Moon intends to be the most inclusive venue in Perth, which means offering accessibility of all kinds right across the venue. And that includes the smallest room in the place.