Orenda RCF

The Orenda Hemp Regional Cluster Facility (RCF) serves as an indoor controlled cultivation environment that disrupts traditional cultivation systems. The modular design and shape of the building resembles an organism, applying biomimicry principles whereby cells work together to provide efficient use of space and utilization of resources.

The building comprises 7 CELLS, one acting as a environmental lock/transition between outdoors and indoors, and the remaining six being highly controlled environments designed for cultivation. The design applies core principles of permaculture to provide efficient use of internal resources by leveraging natural energy and site conditions to self-regulate in an integrated manner. 

The RCF design features acknowledge the intensive requirements for power and heating by combining a geodesic dome that supplies uniform natural light, a solar lung that controls air temperature and pressure differentials to regulate internal conditions, and a state of the art rain water harvesting and reuse system.

The design provides for a benchmark carbon neutral facility that minimises the environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of the facility where “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” (Antoine de Lavoisier).

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