Creating buildings with moving parts, harnessing the climate for greater efficiencies.

Project Kinetica explores the inclusion of moving elements into building design. These elements respond to varying climatic conditions such as light and wind, and contribute to performance, efficiency, and aesthetics. The product under development is a building skin known as a TPAK façade. It brings together the principles of Tensegrity, light and wind Permeability, and solar responsive Adaptability, resulting in a genuinely Kinetic skin. A photovoltaic leaf system moves with the sun, allowing optimal transmission of light for photosynthetic and photovoltaic energy generation.

The 4D printing of the ‘leaves’ avoids the need for heavy structural elements, and the facade has a Critical Failure Disengagement system, whereby the leaves disengage in a high wind event. A core element of the project is the use of CAD/CAM technology as it relates to 3D printing and CNC prototyping. The product is currently being implemented in the East Moon, MPRI, and Arika projects.